Feature Length Cut by the End of September? Yes!

It's been awhile, but the news is good.  There's a lot to report, but let's keep it simple.  

A feature length version of "The Bubble" will be done by the end of September, that much is sure, and there are some great things coming together in relation to festivals and distribution, but nothing certain yet.  Just stay optimistic and send out that positive energy!

Stay tuned for more updates that will be coming quickly in the next couple of months.  The end is near and it could not have been done without YOU!

Enjoy this short excerpt from the film discussing the rumor mill in the town that produced the legend of the Celebration "swingers".

Swingers - An Excerpt from "The Bubble - A Documentary Film About Celebration, Florida" from philip swift on Vimeo.



First Original Piece of Music by Gabe Schray for "The Bubble"

New time lapse and slow motion footage featuring a snippet of the interview with Celebration resident, Jim Siegel from the upcoming feature length documentary.

Original music by Gabe Schray, "Prelude for Baritone" written for the film. 

For more info on Gabe Schray, please visit

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Looking to Still Contribute to "The Bubble"?

A lot of people have expressed interest in contributing to the completion of my first feature length documentary and now YOU can do that!  It's safe and secure via the Paypal donation button provided right here:

Thank you for your continued support and check back soon for more updates on "The Bubble - A Documentary Film About Celebration, Florida".


Time Lapse Tests in Celebration, FL

Cinematographer Joe Spit and I have been trying to cover every inch of Celebration, FL in order to truly capture the unique charm of this quirky town.  Here's an example of one way we're doing it.


Hot Air Balloon Over Celebration, FL 11/12/2011

Cinematogrpaher Joe Spit and I took a hot air balloon ride over Celebration, FL at 6am this morning in order to shoot some amazing b-roll for my first feature length documentary.  More updates to come!