Fundraising Complete for "The Bubble"

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the KickStarter fund for my first feature length documentary!  I'll be back in Celebration, Florida this November to get more interviews and b-roll and I could not have done it without YOU!  Check back for more updates soon!

New Music Video for The May Company

"Gray Fireworks" by The May Company, music video shot and edited by Philip B. Swift.

The May Company is David Giffels, Pat McNulty, Dave Rich, and Mike Wilkinson.


Work to be Screened in Front of the United Nations!

An interview I shot and edited with Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal from Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) was selected by the United Nations to be screened in Geneva as part of the lead up to the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review of the United States.

For more information on Healthcare as a Human Right and Medicare for All, please visit or and for more info on the UN's Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review of the United States, please visit 

And here is a similar interview I shot with Dr. Tim Lachman, a Neurologist with Healthcare for All Philadelphia:




T-Shirts and DVD's Now for Sale!

PV Reese T-Shirts and Special Edition DVD's are now available for sale!  The DVD comes with a special edition DVD featuring the Akron Film Festival version of "Sincerely, PV Reese" and the complete one-hour long epic, "Dear Mothman," along with a soundtrack CD featuring music by Gabe Schray and special bonus tracks.  
The T-Shirts are high quality 100% cotton American Apparel purple T-Shirts with the face of PV Reese peeking out at you!  
Be sure to specify the size of T-Shirt you want.  Prices are $15 each or $20 for a DVD-T-Shirt combo pack!
Payment is only accepted through paypal, thanks!
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NEW Trailer for "Sincerely, P.V. Reese"

Join me on September 23rd at 7:45 pm in Akron, OH when the Akron Film Festival will be screening "Sincerely, P.V. Reese" followed by a Q&A with myself and others featured in the film.

Until then, enjoy this new trailer for the film: